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DW Documentary “Food for the Future” – A Review


Are you looking for some fun and interesting to watch? Well, then this documentary is for you.


“Food for the Future” Review

I love documentaries, I simply can’t get enough of them. Today, while browsing the good old internet for a documentary, I found a short and great one.

I wasn’t searching for a documentary about entomophagy. I did, however, look for a documentary about food, or the environment.

Finding a documentary concerning entomophagy was simply a fluke on my part, youtube, on the other hand, knew what would make me happy…

Many times a documentary maker or the organization behind the documentary in question have their own political leanings. Most of the time they let it show.

Unfortunately, when this happens one might not be given the facts at hand. Instead, you are handed a biased ideological viewpoint.

I was happily surprised when I saw the media company behind the documentary was Deutsche Welle. DW to a large extent keep to the subject matter in their documentaries. At least that’s my opinion.

In DWs ten-part documentary series “Founder Valley”, they take us on a tour to Indonesia in its “Food for the future” part of the series.

We get to see wonderful people doing divine work for a better future.

Ways of thinking, ways of viewing the world and its problems, coupled with small acts. That’s what’s going to bring the world to a healthier state. Both for Earth as well as all its inhabitants.

Those are things we get to see in the documentary “Food for the Future”.

Brought up is the always present danger of meat-eating, and the toll it takes on the environment. You’ll also see one of the ways entomophagy is viewed in relation to deforestation from an entrepreneurs’ perspective.

I won’t spoil the documentary for you but I do want to emphasize one of the issues brought up in the documentary. The case of food security. The importance of this issue can’t be overstated. The matter of food security deserves a documentary on its own.

The essential point being, without a stable food supply, society won’t be able to function.

Having a stable food supply frees up our time. Having the time to make products, services, art, churches, spending time with your family, etc; all this comes from a stable food supply.

When you watch the documentary, look at the Skyline of Jakarta. Then remember, it would’ve never been possible without a stable food supply.

Simply put it, society won’t be able to develop without food security. Thus, the future of food should be one of our greatest focus points.

Deutsche Welle makes great documentaries. Many of them having to do with food and the environment. I hope you’ll take the time to watch “Food for the Future”. It’s short and easily digestible.

If you find the topic interesting I suggest you read one of my other articles “INSECTS- FOOD FOR THE FUTURE OR THE PRESENT?“. In this article, however, the focus point is on fish, in particular, Norwegian farmed salmon and the danger it poses.


The Documentary

Anyway, you’ll find the documentary down below. Happy watching.







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