1. Protein

Our cricket protein contains contains 329% more protein than beef.

2. Water

Save 650 000 liters water per year by eating cricket protein.

  • Measured on a family of 4 people, eating cricket protein 1/day a week.

3. Sustainability

Crickets require a lot less food than conventional livestock

The efficiency of cricket production compared to conventional livestock.

  • Based on how much feed is needed in order to produce a 1-kilo weight increase in crickets compared to other livestock.

12 X less feed than cattle

Four X less feed than sheep

Half the feed that is needed for pork and poultry

3. Land Sustainability

If we switch 50% of our animal product consumption to cricket-flour we can save a landmass 70 X the size of the UK.

4. Greenhouse gas emissions

The fact is, our food contributes a lot to greenhouse gases. And, to be more precise, 18 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions come from livestock.

Crickets emitt just 1 gram GHG per the production of 1 kilo protein while other release:

  • Chickens 300 grams GHG
  • Pigs 1130 grams GHG
  • Cattle 2280 grams GHG

5. Cricket powder & Your Health

Getting your protein from crickets could lower your serum LDL cholesterol. Even more, It may improve gut health and reduce systemic inflammation.