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Insects in Your Hot Dog? Yes, & We Love it!

Insects in your hot dog? Sounds grouse, right? Or is this one of the better options for humanity? Well, we think it is. Continue to read and you’ll understand why.

In this article:

Who’s Getting Insects in Their Hot Dog?

Yes, happy news for Europeans, since insects in hot dogs could become legal next year.

Scientist in the south of Sweden are the ones behind the push of making insects legal as food there.

As a matter of fact, it could become legal as early as next year.

Which Bugs are on the Menu?

In this case, some of them include the darkling beetles as well as the mantis. Those crispy, crunchy critters are what’s for dinner, so to speak.

Why Insects?

It’s by the trial kitchen at the University of Kristianstad where they are currently trying out recipes using bugs as ingredients.

– They taste good, contains good proteins and fats. This, according to professor Karin Wendin at the University of Kristianstad.

Also, perhaps the most important reason is energy efficiency.

Insect rearer and entrepreneur Fredrik Davidsson lets us know that insect rearing is far more energy-efficient than your conventional livestock rearings, such as cows and pigs.

He goes on to tell us that, insect rearing also offers less green-house gas emissions compared to the rearing of other animal foods- something we here at Kutaan care a great deal about to combat.

When will You see Insects in Your Hot Dog?

As of now, the people of Sweden will have to wait a little bit before they can see the huge potential bugs has as a food. This due to the fact bugs as an ingredient in food for people, both at the grocery store as well as in the restaurants, is illegal.

Fortunately, as stated earlier, this could change by next year already.

By now, there are three applications being reviewed for the selling of crickets and mealworms as food at the European Unions Food and Drug Administration, Efsa.

However, it doesn’t stop there, another nine applications in regards to selling insects as food are up for review.

We also learn that there’s a high probability these applications will go through.

This is great news because having insects on your plate is good for you and the planet!


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